Paris 2024 Olympics - Seasonal Discount

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View of the Eiffel Tower, the main attraction of Paris from the Seine River embankment on a winter frosty evening, France

HKD 500 discount for 10 hours+ intensive private packages.

(every 10 hours for intensive packages - 3 hours weekly)

Ex : 20 hours package = HKD 1,000 discount (for intensive package, 3 hours weekly)
30 hours package = HKD 800 discount (for exam prep)


Offer valid for :

  • Group courses (Face-to-face only)
  • Private packages (10 hours - 2 hrs weekly or 20 hours package)
  • DELF Exam prep packages (15 hours)


Offer valid for :

  • Group courses (Face-to-face only)
  • Private packages (15 hours min.,1.5 hour weekly)

Start your French learning with us !

Until July 2024, Interactive French can arrange private or group packages for any students joining a regular course.

All schedules below can be adjusted (time slot + days) according to the requests.

Paris 2024 Olympics

Private Packages

For private intensive packages (10 hours minimum, 3 hours weekly), you can enjoy a HKD 500 every 10 hours.
*Payment should be made by April 30th, 2024.

For our current students

Learning French



For all of our current students : you can enjoy a HKD 400 discount on :

Your next package (30 hours minimum)

You can also enjoy 1-hour free lesson for any friend referral joining at least a group course or a 10-hour private package.

**if the payment is confirmed by April 30th, 2024 and your purchase is scheduled in April - July 2024.

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Interactive French also provides a HKD 500 voucher for any lessons or packages arranged with Interactive Mandarin.

Interactive Mandarin offers lessons such as Business Mandarin, Chinese for IB and IGCSE, HSK courses and more.

You can contact us for more information

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