International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IGCSE French

What is it?

IGCSE French is an internationally recognized examination accepted by both universities and employers as proof of the language ability and understanding of French as a foreign language.

Both IGCSE and GCSE are offered by different exam boards. There are differences in the exam format and the way the questions are asked, but there is no difference in terms of the level of difficulty. For IGCSE, Cambridge (CIE) and the Pearson Edexcel are the two most popular exam boards in Hong Kong.

The table below contrasts the curriculum differences between Cambridge IGCSE and Edexcel IGCSE.


Cambridge Edexcel

Area A

Everyday activities

Home & abroad

Area B

Personal & Social life

Education & Employment

Area C

The world around us

House, home & daily routines

Area D

The world of work

The modern world & the environment

Area E

The international world

Social activities, fitness & health

More Information:

Students who apply IGCSE French are required to study a few lists of IGCSE minimum core vocabulary. The vocabulary lists are classified in several modules, duplication of vocabulary between themes may occurred. These five modules are given as the guideline to teachers and students to clarify the scope of studies.

Module A - Home and Abroad
Module B - Education and Employment
Module C - House, Home and Daily Routine
Module D - The Modern World and environment
Module E - Social Activities, Fitness and health

Students are expected to be able to answer simple questions. Students who can express their opinions and give supportive examples quantitatively and qualitatively achieves higher scores.

Book Recommendations (IGCSE/ GCSE)

These books help you plan your revision, identify the topics you need to work on most, test and check your progress and sends you reminders to keep you on target.

Cambridge IGCSE book
Edexcel IGCSE book
AQA GCSE book1
AQA GCSE book2
GCSE book1
GCSE book2

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