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While you may consider moving to Canada during recent years, many did not fully evaluate the hidden cost behind obtaining a residency. For example, how many scores will you obtain under the immigration formula? How are you going to raise your score if you are not reaching the requirement now?

There are multiple options available if you would like to increase your rating in the immigration system (Express entry). One option people would go for is to study French as a second language. French is one of the official langauges of Canada, alongside with English. In fact, around one fourth of the total population of Canada uses French as their native langague. Not only will you have a higher chance of success in your immigration application by mastering the French language, you will also be able to communicate with locals in a language they are more familiar with.

In order to prove your French level one must take either the TCF Canada or TEF Canada examination. Both French exams are designed for non-native speakers and are approved by the Canada government. TCF Canada examinations are available in Hong Kong through Alliace Française and TEF Canada can be taken in Guongzhou. The obtained test result can then be submitted together with your immigration application for an added advantage. You can have maximum 4 score for Express entry by those French exams.

Speaking Listening Reading Writing Point of Express Entry
6+ 369-397+ 375-405+ 6+ 4
Speaking Listening Reading Writing Point of Express Entry
226-371+ 181-298+ 151-248+ 226-371+ 4

Are you preparing for your upcoming TCF/TEF Canada examination? Or are you just starting out planning your move to Canada and would like to explore French as a bonus option?
​Get in touch with us, with experienced and native French speaking tutors we can get you pass the TCF/TEF Canada exam in 2 years!

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