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Why choose our e-course to self-study French ?

Whether you're planning a trip to France or simply want to learn a new language, our self-study French materials for beginners are the perfect starting point. With easy-to-reuse sentences to tackle different situations you can encounter during your travel, practice exams, and videos to practice your pronunciation during conversations.

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  • 電腦/平板
  • 良好的網路訊號
  • Motivation to self-study
Self-study French

Online lessons or workshops


You can book private online lesson or join one of our online workshops to practice what you self-studied with our e-course.

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Our first e-course to self-study is perfect for :

- total beginners or beginners who want to prepare and brush up their French ahead of a future trip to France

This e-course will include :

- videos, PDF to review, exercises & tests.
- introduction to French pronunciation, alphabet & numbers.
- easy conversations in various situations : at a restaurant, at a café, at a train station & more... (5 topics with exercises, videos, and PDF revision sheet)
- vocabulary list to memorise

200+ minutes of videos
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with PDF for Revisions
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Self-Assessment with correction
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