DELF A1 Package

French Courses for Adults, Teenagers, Kids

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DELF A1 Package

We provide DELF A1 French course for adults, teenagers and kids who are total beginners.

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We also provide a special discount for adults who enrol the DELF A1 French course package (level 1, level 2A, level 2B). After you finished the level 1 group course, you can enjoy $1,100 discount if he/she purchase both level 2A and 2B group courses. And you can prepare for the French international exam DELF A1.

The content mainly focus on the daily life French speaking and listening, such as basic pronunciation, greetings, shopping, asking directions, at the restaurant, hotel, tourist center and more. We also have grammar, reading and writing activties for each topic.

Adults DELF A1 Course

等級 : (DELF A1)初學者程度

總學時: 45小時

課程: Level 1 (15h), 2A (15h), 2B (15h)

Upcoming Exam: November 2nd, 2022

Teens DELF A1 Course

等級 : DELF Junior A1 (Beginner level)

總學時: 45小時

課程: Level 1 (15h), 2A (15h), 2B (15h)

Upcoming Exam: December 5th, 2022

Kids DELF A1 Course

等級 : DELF Prim A1 (Beginner level)

總學時: 90 hours

課程: Level 1-5, 6A, 6B, 7, 8 (10 hours each)

Upcoming Exam: May 2023

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