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"An ability to understand french provides access to an alternative view of the world. Also there are many methods that make learning french enjoyable for children and adults alike."


  • Native speaker
  • International management bachelor in Brazil
  • Master degree in Business and Marketing


  • 1 year of French tutoring in Brazil
  • French tutor in HK since 2021

Amaury is a French native speaker originaly from Lyon. He finished his masters degree in Marketing and business last year. His many travels around the world gqve him a good capacity of adaptation. After a one year exchange program in Brazil, Amaury gained experience as a French teacher.

For him, learning a language is also a way to know more about other cultures and people. He makes his classes very interractives to make sure that students learn and improve in a joyful way. Amaury’s aim is to make students look forward to the lessons and to make them more confident in speaking French.

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