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"The beauty of learning French lies in its ability to unlock a world of cultural richness and global connections. I eagerly anticipate embarking on a delightful learning journey together." - Andy


  • French and Mandarin native speaker
  • Masters degree in Science in Multilingual Information Systems, Linguistic Engineering, and Translation from Université Lumière Lyon 2, France


  • Several years of experience as a French teacher in elementary schools and language institutions in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Work experience in a French company (Lyon, France)

Achievements from Andy's students

  • TCF (B1 - passed)
  • DELF Prim A1.1 (82% - passed)
  • DELF Prim A2 (in progress)

Andy is a passionate and experienced French teacher who has always been fascinated by languages. Originally from Taiwan, Andy developed a deep love for the French language and culture during his time studying and working in France. Goal-oriented, dedicated and trustworthy, Andy is able to tailor his courses to meet the individual needs of his students based on their goals and current level of French proficiency.


With his extensive teaching experience, Andy has developed creative and effective methods to help students improve their grammar, pronunciation, speaking and writing skills. He also has a profound understanding of French culture and enjoys sharing his expertise and experiences with his students, guiding them to truly grasp the essence of the language. Andy is a true asset for students looking to enhance their French abilities and gain a deeper appreciation for the Francophone world.



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Andy is really experienced to guide my son to finish the first exam from DELF. Very effective to provide guide and testing exam format to enable him to get well prepared, including speaking questions, vocabulary etc. So that my son can reach a higher mark and confident to perform in exam. Very good!

- Chrisy (Rayden's mother)

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