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Exam Prep.

  • DELF A1-B2
  • DALF C1
  • TCF A1-B1


  • French
  • English

“Arthur expects his lessons to be interactive and enriching not just for his students, but also for himself.”


  • Native Speaker
  • Bachelor in Bilingual French-English History from Toulouse II Jean Jaurès
  • TEFL Level 3


  • French teacher in Hong Kong for corporate groups as well as for adults, teens and kids courses
  • English teacher in Hong Kong Kindergarten and learning centres since 2019
  • 2 years of French tutoring to International students in the Netherlands

Arthur originally comes from Ariège, a rural region in Southern France, close. to the Spanish border. He has always had the dream of living abroad one day. He was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend English language schools in different English speaking countries.

After he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Bilingual French-English History from Toulouse II Jean Jaurès, he moved to the Netherlands for two years where he took on a masters degree in East Asian Politics and started tutoring French to fellow international students. He started working as an English teacher for toddlers and young children in Hong Kong since 2019.

He is always fond of learning more about foreign cultures, history, and cuisine as much as he enjoys teaching about his French culture, History and language in his spare time, thus, he expects his lessons to be interactive and enriching not just for his students, but also for himself!

Achievements from Arthur's students

  • DELF Prim A2 (93% - passed)
  • DELF A2 (85% - passed)
  • TCF B1 (passed)


“Arthur is an approachable tutor who often takes the trouble to answer our questions and revise our pronunciation. Not only teaching the content in the notes but also sharing the culture of France!”

-Employee from Gifi Asia (Corporate course)

Adult lesson1

"Arthur is outstanding! He is passionate about his home country and adds in additional Information about French culture, geography, society and history.

He is patient and easy going but still ensures we all improve our French language skills. I will happily book again with him for the next course."

-Adam, J.

''Arthur is a great teacher. He knows how to lighten up the atmosphere in the classroom whenever we are frustrated because of the complicated French grammar!''

-Ryan. Y.


“Our initial impression was that Arthur has a really good personality, and the teaching materials are quite interactive.”

- HKMU (25 students - Online course)

"Arthur is a good teacher, He often shares personal experiences. Very good and interactive"

-Lotus & Jacky

"He is a wonderful tutor for my son. Absolutely no complaints from my side. Please tell him Harold is so lucky to have him."

-Harold's mother

Student pass DELF A2
Adult lesson10

"His tutoring is great and I like how he has great historical knowledge! "


''Yes he is great! A kind, genuine and caring teacher. Sean has an amazing connection with him and I fully trust he has Sean’s best interest at heart. Thank you!''

-Sean's mother

"Arthur is very good! Patient and well in communication. The kids really enjoy the class with him."

-Linda, F.

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