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  • Teens
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Exam Prep.

  • DELF A1-B2


  • French
  • English
  • Cantonese

« Having grown up with different cultures, I realized that practice and curiosity are essential to learn a foreign language, I will do my best to create a great experience for both of us in that learning process. »




  • French Native speaker
  • Degree in graphic design from Claude-Garamont Colombes


  • Art teaching assistant
  • Tutoring French to Native speakers and beginners

Inès was born and raised in Paris.

After obtaining her degree in graphic design, she wanted to gain learning and professional experiences and to explore the culture of Hong Kong.

Following a previous experience as a drawing teacher in Hong Kong, as well as helping French native speakers with their school homework, she was looking to pass on her knowledge to new students willing to discover the French language.

Having family in Hong Kong, she talks everyday about French culture to them so why not sharing it with people who want to learn it?

Thus, She hopes being able to help new learners with their French adventure through practice and communication.

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