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  • ​Cantonese

"Sylvain is enthusiastic about teaching and will find all the means to learn la langue de Molière as interactive as it's fun."


  • ​Native Speaker
  • Degree in Statistics from Université Paris Descartes & Computer science from Université Paris XVIII


  • French teaching in Hong Kong since 2019

He’s a native French and Cantonese speaker. He holds a degree in statistics from Université Paris Descartes and another in computer science from the Université Paris XVIII.

Having worked in France and the Netherlands as an IT analyst for seven years, he is also fluent in English. In 2005, he decided to turn a new chapter in his life by settling in Hong Kong. Since moving to this Asian city, he has been a freelance guide to French-speaking visitors wishing to discover the hidden gems in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Interactive French, he has experience teaching French to local Hongkongers as a private teacher.

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