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"Just grab the opportunity at the right time and the right place."


  • ​Native Speaker
  • Diploma in hotel and catering management​

Vicky was born and raised in Madagascar where she studied at Lycée Français (French School). Vicky moved to Hong Kong with her parents at the end of the 70s and permanently settled down. She started her career in the hotel industry which allowed her to meet people from all over the world.

China’s reform and opening up gave her the opportunity to discover her negotiation and communication skills with the advantage of speaking fluently French and Mandarin.  Vicky had the honor to help many big French companies enter the China market.  She feels lucky to have been at the right place and at the right moment and be one of the many people who witnessed and contributed to the success of China.  She has learnt from her experience that language is a very important tool which serves as a bridge between people of different countries.

Cooking is her passion.  Vicky would spend her free time cooking dishes from different countries such as Vietnamese, Thai,  Japanese and of course French.  She also loves learning foreign languages such as Thai, Korean and even Chinese dialect such as Hokien during her trips in those places.

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