How to learn French: Top 5 tips for you

Scared to learn a complicated language like French? Or simply don’t know where to start? Do not fret! Here are top 5 tips on how to learn French:

1. Learn step by step 

Do not try to master French in one sitting. Do understand the complexity of the language, and take your time with it. Learning little by little, one thing at a time to ensure quality over quantity. Learning French is undoubtedly a rather difficult thing to do. Yet, starting somewhere is the first step that should be taken in this journey.


2. Practice! Practice! Practice! 

With all the mistakes, difficulties, and struggles, it is easy to want to give up learning French. It’s just so frustrating at times! But as the old saying goes, “practice is key”. How does one expect to improve without properly practicing? Do more exercising, try talking more in French, be repetitive. All forms of practicing will allow you to learn French in the most effective, and efficient way possible. Talking to native French speakers is also another way! It will no doubt help with your enhancement!


3. Link French to images & visual situations, NOT English words

Visual situations being linked to French words will allow you as a learner to avoid as many mistakes as possible. For instance, in French “I am” is not being used, but rather “I have”; “J’ai XX âge”.


4. Translate French to English as little as possible 

English is the middleman or simply the bridge, but it is also the enemy. When you are a beginner, some translating is bound to take place to aid you in your learning process. As you advance in your French studies, however, try as much as possible to avoid translating. Not only is it a waste of time, but translation sites often lead to mistakes due to literal translation.


5. Learn with the arts 

So what happens when learning French in a traditional way starts to get boring? Watching French movies, listening to French music, and reading French texts are just a few of many things you can do! Not only will you be learning the French language structure by doing so, but you will also be widening your horizons much more on the basis of French culture. 

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