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"Never make fun of someone who speak a broken French, that means they most likely speak more than one languages"


  • ​Native Speaker
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Communications from ISEG Business School


  • French teaching in Hong Kong since 2018

When Laetitia decided to leave France, she remembered how difficult it was for her to learn and understand a new language but she also remembered how rewarding and addictive it can be.

A new language can open one more window from which to look at the world,  where you can discover new culture and people and it's a way to discover yourself a little bit more. Learning a new language should be challenging, fun and inspiring.

One of her favorite quotes is "Never make fun of someone who speak a broken French, English or any other languages, that means they are most likely to be able to speak more than one languages"

After getting her Bachelor degree in Marketing & Communications, Laetitia moved to London in order to improve her English. Since then she speaks both French and English in her daily life.
Laetitia is a big fan of travelling and loves to explore a lot about Hong Kong, she also adores movies and comic books.

For the last few years, Laetitia has built up a passion in teaching students who are preparing for the IGCSE, IB, and DELF examinations. ​

Achievements from Laetitia's students

  • DELF Prim A1 (82.5% - passed)
  • DELF B1 (91.5% - passed)
  • IGCSE French (9 - passed with highest grade)


"I am truly amazed by how friendly and helpful the staff here are. My tutor cares so much about whether I am learning or not. I'm glad to see the improvement I have since studying here."

-Boshan, Y.

French song

''Laetitia's online lessons were fantastic! She made learning French easy and fun, with a variety of activities and exercises to help me practice my speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. She was patient, supportive, and always encouraging, which helped me build my confidence in speaking French.

I appreciated that she tailored the lessons to my needs and goals, which made the learning experience much more effective. Overall, I would highly recommend Laetitia's classes to anyone looking to improve their French language skills.''

-Kostya H.

"I m amazed about how much I have learned since six months ago. Would definitely recommend Interactive French to my friends who are interested in French."

-Chow, W. P.

"I am learning French with Laetitia here at Interactive French. She is very patient and professional. I enjoy having lessons with her and have built confidence in speaking French thanks to the Interactive teaching style that allows me to practise a lot during the lesson!"

-Kathy, C.

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