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"Never make fun of someone who speak a broken French, that means they most likely speak more than one languages"


  • ​Native Speaker
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Communications from ISEG Business School


  • French teaching in Hong Kong since 2018

When Laetitia decided to leave France, she remembered how difficult it was for her to learn and understand a new language but she also remembered how rewarding and addictive it can be.

A new language can open one more window from which to look at the world,  where you can discover new culture and people and it's a way to discover yourself a little bit more. Learning a new language should be challenging, fun and inspiring.

One of her favorite quotes is "Never make fun of someone who speak a broken French, English or any other languages, that means they are most likely to be able to speak more than one languages"

After getting her Bachelor degree in Marketing & Communications, Laetitia moved to London in order to improve her English. Since then she speaks both French and English in her daily life.
Laetitia is a big fan of travelling and loves to explore a lot about Hong Kong, she also adores movies and comic books.

For the last few years, Laetitia has built up a passion in teaching students who are preparing for the IGCSE, IB, and DELF examinations. ​

French song

"I m amazed about how much I have learned since six months ago. Would definitely recommend Interactive French to my friends who are interested in French."
-Chow, W. P.

"I am learning French with Laetitia here at Interactive French. She is very patient and professional. I enjoy having lessons with her and have built confidence in speaking French thanks to the Interactive teaching style that allows me to practise a lot during the lesson!"
-Kathy, C.

"I am truly amazed by how friendly and helpful the staff here are. My tutor cares so much about whether I am learning or not. I'm glad to see the improvement I have since studying here."
-Boshan, Y.

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